How do I post jobs to SiouxFallsHasJobs.com?

The website currently is designed as a discovery site for job seekers and aggregates job listings through Indeed.com. While there is not a way for any business to post job openings directly to the site, any job posted to Indeed.com in Sioux Falls will be funneled to SiouxFallsHasJobs.com. If you are a business with jobs openings, continue doing what you are doing to promote your employment opportunities and advertise them in a variety of ways: on your own website, through paid recruitment sites, directly to Indeed.com, and more. By doing so, there is a very good likelihood this site will find those listings. Indeed.com also provides some tips on how to ensure your job is listed on their site: http://blog.indeed.com/2007/06/18/getting-your-jobs-on-indeedcom/

Why don’t I see any job listings? The screen just says ‘Loading more results…’?

You may have an ad-block plugin installed on your browser. In order to view the site, you’ll need to turn off some blocking you have in place or simply whitelist SiouxFallsHasJobs.com in the settings.

Does this site include every possible job opening in Sioux Falls, South Dakota?

SiouxFallsHasJobs.com is the most comprehensive jobs website specific to our great city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. While it likely does not include each and every job open in our community, this site will include the greatest number of listings you can find in any one place.